Outsource Insurance Endorsements Processing Services

Our insurance endorsements processing services are aimed to streamline the endorsement process and free it from litigation risks

Insurance Back Office Pro has over 8 years of experience in providing insurance endorsements services and certificate of insurance to agencies and brokers. We leverage this experience to help you draft endorsements, that serve the purpose of assisting policy interpretation and in establishing the true intent of the coverage. We consist of a team of insurance endorsementsservices experts who have been trained to handle all kinds of client requirements.

Driven by a team of experienced writers, we manuscript endorsements to specifically meet the risks and actual expectations of the insured. Endorsements drafts are executed as per the best practices for policy drafting and includes laying out endorsed provision in a language that will properly guide a fact-finder in the interpretation of the provision at issue. Our process is designed to take every policy endorsement through several stages of quality check to ensure it is error and ambiguity free. When you outsource commercial insurance endorsements to us, we ensure that our clients are able to save not just their valuable time but also their money which would otherwise be invested in hiring new resources. We offer you a scalable team of experts that can be ramped up or down as per your business needs.

Our End-to-End Insurance Endorsement Processing Services

As a leading insurance endorsement services company, we have been in the insurance industry long enough to acquire the experience and the expertise required to tackle the most complex insurance endorsement processing requests with professional ease. We have worked with numerous industries and verticals that has allowed us to understand different kinds of business models. As a result, we are able to provide highly customized, cost-effective insurance endorsement services to all our clients.

Some of the key insurance endorsement processing services we offer to our clients include:

  • Add or delete the coverage of an insurance policy
  • Limit or delete the coverage of a policy
  • Include or exclude people on an insurance policy
  • Add or delete address/name/location in an insurance policy
  • Amend the coverage policy at mid-term
  • Adjust premiums depending on the change in policy
  • Submit endorsements and follow-up with insurance agency / carrier

Our endorsement services cover the entire range of insurance domain i.e. from commercial insurance endorsements to auto insurance endorsements from casualty insurance endorsements to property insurance endorsements etc.

Our Insurance Endorsements Services Give Your Business an Edge

We manuscript endorsements with great care because we understand any ambiguity in the document, can cost you severely in terms of time and expense to litigate.

  • Each endorsed document is scrutinized closely, and through several stages, to eliminate chances of disputes.
  • We make sure that the endorsed document corresponds to the rest of the policy in terms of wording continuity, consistency in the breath of coverage and overall policy structure.
  • Our experts lay special emphasis on ensuring clarity about the provision being amended.

In what can be termed as a fertile area for litigation, we leave no stones unturned to ensure endorsements do not get interpreted wrongly, thus sparing you the trouble of being pulled up by courts.

Our Insurance Endorsement Process

Insurance Backoffice Pro is a premium insurance endorsement services company that provides the most efficient support to brokers, insurance agencies, insurance carriers etc. We leverage latest tools and state-of-the-art technologies in streamlining our insurance endorsement process that allows us to offer best in class services to our clients.

Our insurance endorsement process includes the following steps:

1. We first gather a first-hand and comprehensive understanding of carrier guidelines. This helps our domain experts get on top of your policy rules.

2. We leverage this understanding to examine customer request for endorsements. We map the requirement with policy rules to determine feasibility for adding coverage of policy, adjusting premiums etc.

3. If the endorsement request is in line with carrier policy, we make the changes and forward it to carriers for approval. We keep following up to expedite matters at the carrier’s end.

4. On receiving the endorsement we verify them for possible flaws and cross- verify them with your underwriters. After a thorough re-verification the endorsed policy is sent to customers.

5. Endorsement requests that violate carrier guidelines are rejected and customers updated about the same.

Why Outsource Insurance Endorsements Processing Services to Insurance Back Office Pro

Our services provide you the following benefits:

  • Access to 1000+ experienced insurance professionals
  • Over 10000+ customized insurance endorsements processed
  • Automated documentation solution for consistent and fast endorsement documentation
  • Quality control audits for ensuring endorsement accuracy
  • Expert team to monitor regulatory compliance
  • Complete process transparency and easy detection of flaws
  • Up to 30% reduction in TAT
  • Up to 40% reduction in per employee operational cost
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • 100% data confidentiality and privacy