• Insurance BackOffice Pro (IBOP) helped a US insurance provider streamline back-end tasks, resulting in a 400% business growth over a span of 5 years.
  • Challenges like untrained agents, unstructured workflow, and the need for risk profiling were solved by implementing effective workflows and customer assessment profiling
  • Results included 75% improved policy servicing TAT, full FMCSA compliance, 57% reduction in TAT for new product lines, and 30% reduction in claim-related losses.
Customer Story

The client is a US based, rapidly growing commercial insurance provider who was struggling to balance scaling up operations with onboarding producers ,owing to a lack of resources and structured workflow.

Difficulty in finding trained staff for endorsements and efficient risk profiling were key challenges faced.

With IBOP, they streamlined operations and improved servicing times, leading to 400% business growth in 5 years.

The Challenge
  • The client lacked trained staff to handle endorsements and update the Agency Management systems.
  • They struggled to establish an efficient workflow for operations and customer service, and to perform thorough customer risk profiling.
  • Backoffice tasks hindered core account managers from focusing on client interaction and relationship building.
The Solution
  • Insurance BackOffice Pro supplied trained agents with experience in Applied Epic Agency Management Systems to streamline operations.
  • A clear workflow for endorsement acceptance, insurance management, and policyholder onboarding was established.
  • High-risk prospects were identified and filtered out using a decision tree model and thorough loss run reports analysis.
The Result
  • The client witnessed a 400% growth in size and operations over five years of partnering with us, along with a 75% improvement in policy servicing Turnaround Time (TAT).
  • The Backoffice operational structure was streamlined and 100% adaptive to process changes, resulting in 100% compliance with FMCSA and other relevant regulations.
  • The TAT to generate and market new product lines was reduced by 57%, and there was a 30% reduction in claim-related losses compared to the first two years.

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