Outsource Insurance Quote Services

We help you assess the insurance needs of your clients and provide them the best coverage value

Insurance Back Office Pro has over 8 years of experience in preparing insurance quote summary and insurance proposals for agents and brokers. We leverage our experience to help you properly assess the insurance needs of your clients and provide them the best coverage value.

The insurance industry has a fiercely competitive setting. Such levels of competition are prevalent because of the importance an insurance plan bears in an individual's life. Because of this, insurance companies need to be flexible and innovative with their plans while ensuring that their business processes are customer-centric at the same time. This is the one and only proven way for insurance companies to remain profitable.

Preparing right quotes after assessing individual needs, comparing coverages, and reducing overall premiums (by combining different types of insurance for discounts) can be a highly challenging task. It calls for competence of the highest order. We tap into our experience to provide this service with the efficiency it demands. When you outsource insurance quote services to us, we also ensure your customers find it easy to understand diverse quotes and take informed decision on risks and security involved.

Outsource Insurance Quote Services to Gain Process Efficiency

The biggest challenge before every insurance companies and agencies is to reduce operating costs and drive primary competency. Most importantly, they need a novel way of streamlining their business processes which always involves the exhaustive document creation process and its management. Insurance quotes are an important part of the insurance claim process and takes up a significant amount of time and resources.

The effective method of ironing out this workload is to delegate it to a back-office support and service provider. Insurance Back Office Pro is a pioneering insurance quote company with a diverse portfolio of global clients and a proven track record of success. We have instituted insurance quote creation processes for numerous clients with stringent service level agreements and desired turnaround times.

We Specialize in a Range of Insurance Quote Services

  • Auto Insurance Quotes

    Our team of professionals are proficient in handling the quote creation process. We provide your customers with vital information regarding the coverage of the plan that they are subscribed to. We keep them apprised of crucial information such as liability, personal injury protection and reimbursements.

  • Health Insurance Quotes

    We have wide experience in helping prospects find affordable health insurance plans for themselves that fits their individual needs and budget. We provide quotes by matching their requirements with the best available plans. We specialize in individual plans, family plans and short-term plans.

  • Life Insurance Quotes

    You can leverage our services to put forward a competitive life insurance quote to your prospects. Our team is proficient in collecting all the needed information from prospects based on which we give the closest possible estimate. We specialize in term life insurance, whole life insurance, variable life insurance, guaranteed universal life insurance etc.

  • Business Insurance Quotes

    We help businesses know what type of coverages they need by providing them quotes of the policy that best suits their needs. Our knowledgeable professionals can provide quotes on general liability, business owners policy, works comp insurance, professional liability insurance, business auto insurance etc.

Our Insurance Quote Process

As a reputed insurance back office support company, we have established a whole process for meeting insurance quote requirements. This includes preparing:

  • Step 1 : Coverage Details Summary

    This involves creating carrier-wise summary of insurance coverage, deductibles, liabilities, premiums, exclusions etc

  • Step 2 : Premium & Commission Summary Tables

    We prepare detailed premium tables along with the corresponding commission summary tables, after taking the bindings of the quotes into account. This is usually presented in spreadsheets for easy comparisons.

  • Step 3 : Extract Carrier Financial Ratings

    We extract the 'AM Best' financial ratings of the Carriers we quote, to give you the latest and correct picture of their financial performance.

  • Step 4 : Populate Proposal Templates

    We populate standard insurance quote proposal templates based on your requirements

  • Step 5 : Deliver in Print Format

    Once the proposal is finalized, we structure it into a printable format, so that the hard copy can be handed over to the policy buyer.

Our Insurance Quote Services Is Meticulous

Our insurance quote and proposal service are not just designed to land you an account, but also provide solid E&O benefits, so that you can distinguish your services by educating your prospect. As a reputed insurance quote company, we ensure the following to make it user friendly:

  • Avoid abbreviations that are too complex for the reader. If need be, we include comprehensive glossary of terms
  • We make it a point to refer to any loss payee or mortgagee we know about. This is done to safeguard you against E&O claims
  • While issuing a proposal we clearly state the coverage provided or if available, include a sample policy for additional study. When we deal with workers’ compensation,             we clearly state whether the policy provides coverage to partners or sole proprietors. Likewise, in case of general liability, we clearly state if the policy is “subject to
  • We never fail to include a statement, wherever applicable, to state the availability of higher limits
  • We never fail to include the financial rating of the quoted carriers, clearly stating what it stands for

Why Outsource Insurance Quote Services to Insurance Back-Office Pro

The insurance quotes creation service that we offer will take away a significant chunk of the exhaustive and rigorous process of your maintenance. This frees you up from a huge responsibility. Here are some benefits that you get by choosing us.

  • Strict compliance with insurance rules and regulations
  • Stringent data and network security policies
  • Highly scalable operations
  • Quotes and proposals written by insurance domain specialists with extensive experience in insurance quote and policy services.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Achieve targets in a hassle-free manner
  • Increase and improve operational efficiency
  • Spend less on database maintenance
  • Reach goals faster