Reshaping the Way Commercial Truck Insurance Companies Manage Their Backoffice

Our deep industry knowledge, digital-first technology, and highly experienced insurance back-office professionals help businesses improve risk mitigation, reduce indemnity spending, lower the cost of service, and enable superior customer experience.

Custom insurance back-office solutions, designed to save costs and enable growth.

Businesses worldwide are evolving, and more significantly, for insurance providers. There has never been a more crucial time to take advantage of back-office support. With back-office support, business owners can establish a more streamlined operations model that is cost-effective, compliant, and reliable. At Insurance Back Office Pro, we help you achieve that through the power of people, processes, and technology.

Our team at Insurance Back Office Pro specializes in Commercial Lines Insurance back-office support for all types of fleets. We currently work with several agencies managing customers within Commercial Trucking, Transportation, Freight General Liability Insurance, and other similar services.

Insurance Back-office Pro is the preferred provider for all your insurance back-office needs, as we’re always committed to delivering high-quality back-office solutions at quick turnaround times. While the complete setup and onboarding are handled by us, the process does not burden you.

Achieve Business Continuity and Sustainability with Support from the Commercial Lines Subject Matter Experts

By placing humans at the center and leveraging technology at speed, we are helping clients transform to a more flexible business model for their insurance back-office requirements; thereby helping them realize long-term value.

Utilize our 18-year-long experience working with Agencies/ Brokers, Carriers, MGA, and MGU to transform your vital back-office operations into a revenue-driven function.

  • 60% Reduction in Operational Cost:Outsourcing your trucking insurance back-office support to us will help you save up to 60% on overhead and infrastructural costs. Immediately increase your profitability.
  • Superior Customer Service:Improve customer experience through the speed of work. We bring speed, accuracy, and compliance to insurance back-office support when working with trucking and commercial line insurance.
  • Business Continuity24/7:We understand the importance of business continuity and make our services available 24/7. With delivery centers spread across the globe, you receive uninterrupted services even through unexpected and unfavorable market or economic conditions.
  • Business Flexibility: Outsourcing your trucking insurance back-office support services to us gives you the flexibility to scale your business as the market changes, allowing you to cut losses and increase spending whenever necessary
  • Access to Top Qualified Professionals:Outsourcing with us will give you access to untapped top-quality talent at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise spend building an in-house team.
  • Business Growths:outsourcing your back-office support needs to us will support your immediate growth plans with reduced investments without you having to incur an additional infrastructural cost.

Our commercial Line insurance specialities include

  • Underwriting
  • Insurance Quotes
  • Insurance renewal
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Loss Run Process
  • Check policy
  • Billing and receivable
  • Claims administration
  • Cancellation management
  • Premiums and Commissions
  • Sales support

In addition to our standard services, Insurance Back Office Pro also provides the following:

  • New Business Setups, Services for MGA, Insurance Quote Services, Documentation, and Indexing
  • Risk Management Services
  • CSA/ FMCSA/USDOT support services
  • Large Loss Modelling
  • Loss Forecasting
  • Accounting, Commission Management and Bookkeeping services

Why Choose Insurance Back Office Pro?

  • Preferred Member Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation (MCIEF).
  • Years of experience in Commercial Lines and Personal Lines Insurance services.
  • Access to a team of 700 competent insurance subject matter experts.
  • Hands-on experience working with over 20 different Agency Management Systems (AMS), Rating systems, and other tools and applications within the insurance world.
  • Quality-driven professional with a 100% accuracy score preforming even the most complex back-office tasks
  • Shorter TAT and quality delivery by working with a team of supervisors and managers whose sole responsibility is to manage the representatives we have assigned to your company.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly access to production reports giving you detailed information of the production and timeline.
  • Hassle-free, cost-efficient, scalable solution and dedicated subject matter experts in Commercial Lines.
  • Up to 60% reductions in operations costs with an increase in production turnaround time.
  • Guaranteed Stability – You never have to deal with attrition again as we provide equally trained and talented backup experts to cover absenteeism and attrition.
  • Tailormade support services for loss of revenue insurance support services, health insurance for your workers supports services, cargo protection support services, and liability insurance support services