Pricing Structure for Insurance Services

We understand that insurance service outsourcing can get very complex if the pricing structure is not laid down clearly, or when client requirements and cost projections are not well set up from the very beginning. We continuously strive towards keeping our charges competitive and adaptable to our client's business requirements and budget.

Factors that Influence the Rates of Our Insurance Services

In order to provide you with a well-rounded price quote, it is important to provide an insight into the variables that bear an impact on our insurance policy and claim administration rates. These are as follows -

  • Terms of contract
  • Skill set of our insurance professionals
  • Work volume and weekend support
  • Project completion timeline
  • Difficulty level of the project
  • Involvement of additional staff and technology

Hourly Rate

This is recommended for contracts which have low work volume or intermittent workflow.

Dedicated Employee Working Full Time

Our FTE rates for insurance services are flexile, allowing you to lease the hour-round services of an employee, completely devoted to your project on a monthly basis, for a minimum of 160 hours per month.

Project Pricing: As Per This Requirement

We issue a project specific pricing plan after assessing your requirements.

Full Time Equivalent
(FTE) Rate

This model is recommended for long-term, elaborate and critical projects.

Contact Us for Extremely Competitive Insurance Services Price Quotes!

At Insurance Back Office Pro, we believe that it is our client's prerogative to demand and deserve nothing but the best infrastructure and manpower assistance for quality insurance business processes and that too, at highly competitive rates. Feel free to contact us today to get tailor-made price quotes, and to experience how we can leverage enhanced profit generation, while undertaking additional efforts to streamline resources and sharpen core competencies on your behalf.

Pricing Disclaimer

Please note that all prices indicated above, are only meant to give you a rough idea and are not the exact figures. The final rates will differ as per the nature of the project, complexity of underlying tasks, knowledge, skill and experience level of the hired resource, contractual terms, etc.

It is our priority to ensure that all displayed information on the site is accurate and up-to-date. In spite of our efforts to keep the prices constant, there might be unprecedented fluctuations (increase or decrease) in the pricing of our services. Hence, there remains a possibility that the ultimate pricing for a project may differ from the prices cited above.

Why Outsource to Us

By choosing us for insurance quoting services, you get the following benefits:

  • Strict compliance with insurance rules and regulations
  • Stringent data and network security policies
  • Highly scalable operations
  • Quotes and proposals written by insurance domain specialists with extensive experience in insurance quote and policy services.
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