Our Data Security Measures

Data Security

At Insurance Back Office Pro, our core values revolve around maintaining confidentiality of our client's information, under all circumstances. To ensure this, we undertake the following measures:

  • Periodic checks on safety of information
  • Strict regulation on non-disclosure of project related information like work and process models of patron organizations


To fortify data at every stage, our security management and monitoring provisions encompass:

  • Paperless environment with dual-monitoring workstations
  • Regulated internet traffic, that excludes access to personal emails
  • Workstations devoid of external drives like CD drives, floppy drives, USB ports, etc.
  • Anti-Virus and Firewall guarded workstations


To prevent information leakage, we have set up a foolproof security system which comprises:

  • Biometric fingerprint scanner to secure access to authorized personnel within the premises
  • Firewall protected virtual network systems
  • Paperless office where printers are excluded from the staff accessible zone


Integrity and trustworthiness is inculcated into our system from the recruitment stage of every employee. To ensure this, we carry out:

  • Several rounds of evaluation for each candidate
  • Extensive background and referral checks
  • Pre-induction sessions where signatures are obtained on the confidentiality agreement
  • Segregation of information between teams and providing knowledge of vital information to core members only
  • Continuous surveillance over systems and employees

Data Server

Our virtual document storage service is well insulated and prevents possibilities of breach while executing online data transfers. This is validated via 128-bit AES key encryption. All confidential client data is preserved in secure servers in USA, hosted by ibackup.com in California. Only specific users have access to it.


At the very onset of our ventures with a client company, we encourage their sanction over a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, so that our obligation towards ensuring security is reinforced by the terms of a written contract.

Why Choose Us

  • Faster turnaround through 8 global delivery locations
  • Well-defined workflow to reduce delays and errors
  • Data security and confidentiality for complete risk control
  • 24x7 operations to deliver the time zone advantage
  • Analytics- driven insights into market trends
  • We are an ISMS (ISO 27001) Certified Company
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