Reinventing Processes to Take on Disruptions

We Make Insurance Service More Steady, Reliable and Safe

Insurance Back Office Pro, a division of Flatworld Solutions, leverages its nearly decade-long experience in servicing insurance clients to transform your critical processes into a more agile, flexible and quality-driven model.

As a strategic partner to more than 50 insurance carriers, agencies, MGAs and brokers, we bring to the table the skills needed to differentiate yourself from competition and become a trusted service provider to your clients. Our end-to-end solutions across the insurance value chain will help you curb costs, simplify workflow, reduce errors and minimize delays, besides leveraging analytics to drive consumer insights.

Our specialists will handle all complexities with such deftness that you can have more time to manage your core, business generating activities. From claims administration, policy checking, and renewals processing to invoicing and loss run processing, we help you take care of secondary business functions in a way that gives you distinct advantage over your competitors. We have an excellent track record of maximizing operational efficiency by streamlining core tasks.

Insurance Back Office Processing Services for Agencies

  • Policy setup (quote summary, rating and proposal)
  • Certificate of insurance (COI)
  • Document indexing and filing
  • Loss run processing
  • Policy checking and administration
  • Endorsements and certificates
  • Renewal exposure summary
  • Claims administration
  • Invoicing, billings and accounts
  • Bookkeeping and forensic accounting

Insurance Back Office Outsourcing Services for Carriers

  • New business setup
  • Policy issuance
  • Policy administration, maintenance and servicing
  • Loss run processing
  • Claims management
  • Renewals processing
  • Billings and accounts

Other Insurance Back Office Support Services

  • Application data entry
  • New business data entry
  • Prospect & market research

Our Key Differentiators

State-of-the-Art Technology
We equip our insurance back-office assistants with the most cutting-edge technologies in the market. This helps you get work done faster and save on time and money
Reduced Time-to-Market
We help you cut down the time-to-market newly launched products. This helps your business stay agile in the face of competition.
Proven Expertise
Gain access to dedicated subject matter specialists. Our experts have wide exposure toinsurance back office processing servicesand so can help you lower capital expenses and drive revenue growth.
Custom-Built Solutions
We cater to different businesses by providing solutions that are tailored to each entity’s individual requirements. This enables you to meet your specific business needs with greater ease.
Boost Customer Experience
We provide insurance back-office services that meet the highest quality standards. This guarantees complete customer satisfaction

Insurance Software We Use

insurance-softwares for back office processing

How it works

insurance back office processing support contact for insurance back office services


We enjoy working with Insurance Back Office Pro a part of Flatworld solutions and find the entire team to be very responsive and detail oriented when it comes to following our policy checking instructions and also identifying new policy forms.


Risk Management Company, Prussia
Insurance Back Office Pro a part of Flatworld solutions has helped my business by providing a reliable and organized back office team to assist me in my day-to-day activities. They are very responsive, and their communication is excellent. They have multiple levels of leadership in their organization to provide supervision and guidance with all needed tasks.


Insurance Group,
Before beginning to work with Insurance Back Office Pro, our agency was experiencing employee retention problems in our entry level and clerical positions. We needed stability and reliability on clerical and administrative tasks without the disruption of needing to constantly hire and retrain employees. After exploring various outsourcing vendors, we decided on Insurance Back Office Pro due to their reasonable cost, agreeable terms, and flexibility. Their employees learn our agency’s workflows and do the work exactly the way we want them to, as opposed to other firms that do the work “their way” only.

Working with Insurance Back Office Pro has been a pleasure from the start. Even through the coronavirus pandemic they were able to maintain acceptable service levels which I found very impressive. Our employees are great to work with and their management team is fantastic, friendly, and extremely responsive. This arrangement gives us much needed stability on performance of important clerical tasks and helps us control costs by avoiding costly turnover and training.


Casualty Insurance Agency based in Florida

Our Insurance Outsourcing Services Cater to the Following Verticals

Property &
Casualty Insurance
Liability Insurance
Insurance Services
Insurance Services
Motor Insurance
Inland Marine
Director & Office
Employee Benefits
Liquor Liability
Personal Liability

Benefits of Insurance Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing insurance back-office services can result in many great benefits for your enterprise. Some such benefits include:

Reduce the time-to-market new products, plans, and policies by leaving all secondary, time-consuming, insurance back-office tasks to our experts.
Include more revenue generating activities by cutting down the amount of secondary business functions you need to handle.
Cut down existing workloads and eliminate backlogs as more skilled resources perform the same functions in less time.
Lower operational costs as fewer resources and no establishment expenses are needed to handle the work.
Ensure greater accuracy to processes by relying on a multi-tiered quality checking process.
Scale up your business needs by ramping up resources to meet growing business volumes.
Standardize business processes with established workflows.

Why Choose Us

  • Faster turnaround through 8 global delivery locations
  • Well-defined workflow to reduce delays and errors
  • Data security and confidentiality for complete risk control
  • 24x7 operations to deliver the time zone advantage
  • Analytics- driven insights into market trends
  • We are an ISMS (ISO 27001) Certified Company
Over 8 years experience in providing insurance solutions
Insurance Back Office pro having over then 8 years of  experience
1000+ fulltime specialized insurance experts
Whychoose Insurance Backoffice pro