Leveraging Insurance Back Office Services for a robust business process

Insurance Back Office Pro has extensive experience helping insurance agents streamline non-core business processes and improve revenue management. We combine our expertise with advanced working methods to deliver differentiated value.

Our risk assessment expertise eliminates the occurrence of compliance violations, while our superior process accelerates your operation workflow. Additionally, our expert insights help drive increased revenue, balancing market demand and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated service team catering to insurance companies in the US provides market-tested and robust back office service that continues to help our clients maintain a competitive edge over other players in the industry.

Key high-demand Insurance Back-Office Services in the USA, Insurance agencies in the USA struggle with various repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which can best be taken over by an external vendor with a dedicated team of domain experts.

How Outsourcing Gives an Edge to Insurance Agencies for Streamlined Business Process

Insurance Quotes

After duly assessing individual needs and comparing coverages from different carriers, we prepare competitive quotes for various premium plans for life, auto, health, and term insurance, among others.

Certificate of Insurance

By adhering strictly to the relevant state laws, regulations, and carrier agreements in place, we process, validate and disburse certificates of insurance to your customers. Insurance Agencies can rest assured of all required compliance parameters by relying on a competent insurance back office vendor.

Document Indexing and Filing

Our intuitive document indexing service ensures ease of access to documents and the ability to retrieve them in real time. With our insurance outsourcing services, document summaries become available and accessible in the shortest time frame, which further helps streamline your smooth operations.

Loss Run Processing

Our team of professionals handles the crucial process of Loss Runs to ensure that you receive the loss-run reports at a set time frame, along with support to create and submit the report of the claim.

Invoicing, Billing and Accounts

Our insurance back office team handles another repetitive but integral aspect of the business that takes care of sending insurance payment reminders, receiving and recording payments, maintaining and cataloging accounts receivable invoices, and reporting on account activity.

Ensuring Policy Compliance

Our experienced team analyzes policy documents for inconsistencies that may run contrary to industry expectations. We detect such issues with policy documents so that industry standards are met.

Drafting Endorsements and Certificates

Modifying the terms of an insurance policy by adding or removing coverage requires riders or endorsements that reflect the modified nature of coverage. Our team supports Insurance Agencies in drafting endorsements, apart from connecting with carriers for renewals.

Best Practices for Claims Administration

Our team ensures timely receipt and evaluation of claims reports so that you can better serve your clients and continue to keep costs down by utilizing our services.

Eliminating frauds with Forensic Accounting

Every industry has its fair share of fraudulent practices, and the insurance sector is no different. Our service provides a robust service keeping this in mind and with the best interests of the insurance agencies.

The Right Arsenal for your Insurance Agency

Our team gets involved in understanding your pain points and identifying the key areas where there’s room for streamlining. Our professionals create a game plan specifically for your business requirement so that you can achieve your targets.

Here’s a glimpse of what our team brings to the table:

  • Decades of experience in the insurance industry
  • In-depth understanding of insurance business pain points
  • Expertise in deploying efficient and up-to-date technology along with domain experts
  • Professional dedicated to helping maximize output
  • Reduction in time-to-market
  • Flexible and affordable services that don’t compromise on quality