• A US Fortune 500 insurance company sought to increase claim processing by 10% over five years.
  • An improved workflow was designed to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and use analytics to predict potential issues.
  • The company saw a 20% reduction in claim processing time, $250,000 annual savings, and 20% cost savings due to minimized implementation time.
Customer Story

The client, a Fortune 500 US-based insurance company, needed to improve their annuities and life claims process in order to enhance scalability and increase claim processing volume by 10% over the next 5 years.

They faced challenges in meeting performance targets, handling complex payment issues, and strategizing for business change management.

After partnering with a solution provider, they streamlined claims settlement, reduced processing time by 20%, and improved overall productivity.

The Challenge
  • The client struggled to execute the strategic plan within the allocated budget.
  • They faced difficulties in meeting stringent performance targets in a timely manner.
  • Testing issues, including complex payment procedures and data-related problems, posed significant challenges.
The Solution
  • An improved workflow for efficient case management was designed to enhance claims settlement methods.
  • A multi-tier quality check team was implemented and analytic tools were used to ensure error-free claim processing.
  • A robust strategy for business change management was developed, leading to reduced processing time, cost savings, and increased productivity.
The Result
  • The implementation of improved workflows and analytics tools led to a 20% reduction in claim processing times, enabling higher volume of processed claims.
  • The increased business process efficiency resulted in annual savings of $250,000 and an additional 20% cost savings from a revised schedule that minimized implementation time.
  • The overall productivity of the client's company significantly increased due to a well-defined workflow, leading to improved scalability and business flexibility.

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