• The case study narrates how a team of 10 members from Insurance Backoffice Pro (IBOP) improved efficiency and quality for a client facing renewal payment backlogs due to attrition.
  • Their initiatives of smart workflows and resource management resulted in increased productivity and client satisfaction.
  • Their expertise in handling insurance renewals and mortgage changes made them the client's first choice.
Customer Story

The client, a reputable mortgage lender and insurance agency founded in 2010, provides property, vehicle, and business insurance. Their value lies in their broad range of services and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The client faced difficulties due to a significant attrition in 2022, which led to a loss of experienced staff members. This resulted in a backlog in renewal payments and a drop in quality and efficiency.

Seeking a solution to their challenges, the client reached out for assistance with handling renewals, mortgage changes, cancellations, and payment follow-ups. They were interested in streamlining their processes to improve efficiency and maintain their high standards of service.

The Challenge
  • Significant attrition in 2022 led to a backlog in renewal payments and efficiency issues at the client's company.
  • Retraining eight team members to manage the backlog was a major challenge.
  • The critical task was to implement intelligent workflows to enhance efficiency, preparing for potential future attrition.
The Solution
  • Key resources who worked on policy renewals, mortgage changes, cancellations, and payments follow-up were identified and empowered with additional responsibilities while addressing concerns to monitor early warning signs.In addition, backup resources prepared and intelligent workflows were established.
  • Eight members were successfully retrained and the backlog was cleared for smooth operations. The team worked on tools like EZLynx, Epic Outlook, and Carrier websites.
  • Intelligent workflows were created to scale operations, improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
The Result
  • Our team's smart workflows improved quality, efficiency, and ensured customer satisfaction.
  • We scaled operations effectively, adding more FTEs, leading to increased productivity.
  • The client saw a 50% reduction in operational costs and benefits from 24x7 insurance claims reporting.

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