• A Florida-based insurer improved policy processing efficiency and accuracy to 100% with the help of Insurance Backoffice Pro (IBOP).
  • Tailored solutions like additional training, supervisor guidance, Standard Operating Procedures, and cross-auditing were provided.
  • The company completed a large project of adding 2900 new policies ahead of schedule, demonstrating enhanced efficiency.
Customer Story

The Florida-based Insurance company was struggling with policy processing efficiency and accuracy.

They partnered with Insurance BackOffice Pro that offered training, supervision, and a cross-audit system to increase accuracy and reduce errors.

The company achieved 100% accuracy in ad-hoc projects within a month and completed a major project ahead of schedule.

The Challenge
  • The insurer faced problems with policy processing efficiency and quality, affecting productivity.
  • Maintaining accuracy in key tasks like policy additions, renewals, and cancellations was challenging.
  • A lack of standardized procedures and training was leading to errors and inefficient processes.
The Solution
  • To augment the accuracy and quality in policy processing, given our compact team size, we have initiated cross-audits and internal training. Our team, composed of two members, utilized tools such as EPIC and Microsoft Outlook. These platforms were instrumental in sharing the completed files with our clients.
  • Devised personalized solutions based on the Insurance company's specific needs and requirements.
  • Completed large ad-hoc projects with 100% accuracy within the set timelines, improving efficiency and minimizing errors.
The Result
  • The Florida-based Insurance company achieved 100% accuracy in ad-hoc projects with their two-resource team, overcoming productivity and quality challenges in policy processing.
  • The company successfully streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and reduced errors in less than a month with the customized solutions provided.
  • The insurer was able to achieve business goals faster, including the completion of a large project of new policy addition a week ahead of the target period.

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