• The client, a New York-based insurance agency, needed a more efficient and error-free process for policy checking during renewals due to increased business volumes.
  • A solution was devised involving early document collection and a standard checklist, ensuring timely and accurate renewals.
  • This new process improved renewal management, reduced checking time by 30% and cut operation costs by 50%.
Customer Story

A New York-based risk insurance agency servicing over 10,000 businesses in the tri-state areas struggled with bottlenecks in processing policy checking at renewals due to growing business volumes.

They struggled with ensuring accurate coverage, maintaining consistency, and explaining changes to customers understanding little of insurance terms.

By outsourcing policy checking services, they streamlined their process, effectively managed renewals, reduced policy checking time by 30%, and cut operations costs by 50%.

The Challenge
  • The client was struggling with processing large volumes of policy renewals accurately and efficiently, which was crucial to avoid costly litigation battles.
  • Maintaining consistency in scrutinizing each policy for correct coverage correspondence with customers' needs was a significant challenge due to the large volume of renewals.
  • The client found it difficult to effectively explain the intricate details of policy changes to customers, most of whom lacked a deep understanding of insurance terminology.
The Solution
  • Coordinated with insurance carriers to collect policy documents early, creating a stratified report to streamline renewals.
  • Developed a standard checklist for policy checkers, ensuring consistency and accuracy while identifying discrepancies.
  • Scheduled policy checking processes to complete within a set timeframe, enabling timely communication of renewal conditions to customers.
The Result
  • The client was able to track and manage renewals more effectively, leading to improved efficiency in their operations.
  • The time spent on policy checking was reduced by 30%, while operational costs were cut down by 50%.
  • With a well-defined process for policy-checking in place, the client was able to ensure complete process transparency and scalability.

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