• The client, a commercial insurance broker based in Miami, faced challenges in managing multiple databases and systems, monitoring employee efficiency, and reducing excessive workload.
  • IBOP implemented a solution involving a specialized Backoffice team, expert insurance agents, and process enhancements.
  • The implementation led to a 20% efficiency increase and a streamlined process for business expansion.
Customer Story

The customer is a renowned commercial insurance brokerage agency based in Miami, Florida, offering a wide range of domestic and international insurance services. Their significant growth through acquisitions led to an increased workload and challenges in database management and employee performance monitoring

Seeking our help, they aimed to streamline database management, implement employee monitoring tools, reduce workload, and improve staff outcomes.

Our solutions resolved their issues, increased efficiency by 20%, and allowed staff to focus more on business expansion.

The Challenge
  • The company struggled with managing multiple databases and systems, each with its own unique data fields, processes, customer activities, and architecture.
  • The company had difficulty in accurately monitoring and analyzing individual employee performance due to lack of proper tools.
  • The increasing workload was impacting the overall efficiency of the employees, necessitating a process change to improve outcomes and reduce excessive workload.
The Solution
  • A dedicated support team was provided to handle the complexities of managing multiple databases and systems.
  • Expert agents were deployed to handle insurance tasks, ensuring a perfect understanding of client requirements.
  • The client's workflow was studied in-depth to identify process gaps, leading to a streamlined and more efficient process.
The Result
  • The implementation of the devised solution led to a significant hike in efficiency, with a 20% increase noted.
  • The company managed to streamline their processes, making it easier for the staff to focus more on expanding their business.
  • All issues related to data management, reporting, and insurance managing systems were resolved, thus improving overall operational efficacy.

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