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  • How we supported ohio based company upgrade their claims management process to improve customer satisfaction
  • An Ohio-based insurance company enhanced their claims process to boost customer satisfaction by optimizing operations and setting up a call center and triage services.
  • Solutions involved studying claims inflow, enhancing adjuster efficiency, and shifting to an outsourced call center model.
  • The benefits included streamlined claims handling, reduced adjuster-assignment time, improved call center operations, and an 80% increase in customer satisfaction in six months.
Customer Story

The customer, one of the 50 largest property and casualty insurance groups in Ohio, sought to improve their claims management process for a more accurate and prompt resolution, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction.

They faced challenges in streamlining their claims process and needed to build an effective customer interaction team.

With our partnership, they improved their process and increased customer satisfaction by 80% within six months.

The Challenge
  • The company faced challenges in improving the overall operational process for claims, from the First Notice of Loss to the clearance stage, to reduce the time needed to close claims.
  • The integration of staff, technology, and systems in the claims process was a challenge due to the need for understanding the steps and variations in the process.
  • The creation of a call center team to directly interact with customers and the setup of a separate triage service for certain insurance domains were also significant challenges.
The Solution
  • Deployed an analytics team to study claim inflow and identify cycle time-increasing variables, providing corrective solutions.
  • Analyzed call center metrics, suggesting an outsourced model focusing on qualitative and quantitative metrics to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined the claims process, improved adjuster-assignment, and trained representatives to handle both billing and claims.
The Result
  • The implemented solution resulted in the elimination of time-consuming steps in the end-to-end claims handling process, improving the efficiency of the operational process.
  • Through improved adjuster-assignment processes and training call center representatives to handle both billing and claims, time taken was reduced by 50% and abandonment rates decreased.
  • With the new system in place, customer satisfaction improved by a significant 80% within a span of 6 months.

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