• The client, a US-based insurance agency, was struggling with the management of client payments and overdue accounts, aiming to maximize revenue through efficient account management.
  • Using the Sagitta management system, they standardized cost estimates, optimized certificate issuance, and streamlined contract renewals.
  • The solution led to improved operational efficiency, timely premium collection, and a 70% reduction in overdue amounts.
Customer Story

The customer is a US-based insurance agency struggling with efficient management of client payments and overdue accounts, with the goal of maximizing revenue.

They implemented a solution using the Sagitta management system, consolidating customer information and effectively streamlining processes.

The result was improved operational efficiency, reduced overdue amounts, quick response to new customers, and an enhanced customer experience.

The Challenge
  • Improving customer satisfaction required enhanced customer service and accurate satisfaction metrics.
  • The need for automation and integration of processes to manage customer issues and increasing document volume was a challenge.
  • Managing client payments and overdue accounts promptly and accurately was a difficult task.
The Solution
  • Leveraged the Sagitta management system for efficient and timely communication about dues and policy details.
  • Used the same system to standardize cost estimates and streamline contract renewals, reducing labor and paper use.
  • Introduced measures for quicker action on past-due receivables and error-free invoicing, improving overall efficiency and customer experience.
The Result
  • The client gained operational efficiency and improved timely collection of premium payments, significantly aiding in revenue maximization.
  • The implementation of the new system resulted in a drastic reduction of past due amounts by 70%, further enhancing the revenue flow.
  • The solution enabled the client to quickly respond to high volumes of new customers and enhance the average customer experience, leading to improved customer retention and satisfaction.

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