Streamlined Back Office Functions of Texas-Based Insurance Wholesaler

The Customer

The client is an insurance wholesaler in the Texas region, having a huge network of independent agents handling insurance for transportation, contractors, small business, homeowners and workers compensation agencies. Besides, the client specializes in providing in-house underwriting services to insurance companies.


Affected by volatile market conditions, the client was finding it difficult to control rising operations costs. This was because of:

  • Longer time frame in accepting and processing insurance submissions and providing quotes
  • Increase in backlogs owing to prolonged turnaround time
  • Sudden spike in business volumes
  • Over-burdened staff


The client’s primary goal was to boost conversion rates through improved customer satisfaction. However, to bring this about there was a need to overhaul the entire process. So we set up a core/pilot team to understand the customer requirements, systems and processes.

After a comprehensive study the of the existing business model the team identified the following challenges:

  • Develop a mechanism for deeper visibility into business operations so that disparate applications can be unified and the system be made to work together as a whole.
  • Introduce and adopt process excellence best practices so that processing time for insurance submissions can be brought down to 24 hours.
  • Choose the right tools to automate processes and procure insights into seasonal workloads, user efficiency, and allocation of resources.
  • Identify actionable areas to balance cost performance with product and service quality so that profit margins could be augmented through operational savings.


We first appointed an onsite transition manager to facilitate initial knowledge transfer of the client’s insurance processes. The manager also worked with the customer in identifying procedures/manuals and standardizing them. Once this was achieved, we created a team comprising experienced professionals to take care of the with the basic back office processes such as application entry, submissions, uploading etc.

We created a well-defined workflow to weed out overlapping manual processes, map processing functionalities to the right resources, and streamline pain points pertaining to data extraction and validation, missing information, and data quality issues. This helped us to improve the accuracy of the extracted data and ensure that the right rating format was made available to the underwriters.

We leveraged tools like Vertafore AMS 360 and Infusionsoft to automate manual processes, improve application tracking and compliance monitoring. The tools particularly helped the quality control team to have instantaneous access to the status of a file, view documents within the file, and review any of the reports related to the case.

Backlogs were handled by teams, who were yet on the learning curve, and were waiting to become a part of the specific process. The work done by this team was meticulously reviewed by the quality control team to ensure quality and consistency. This trained the resources before they went live with the processes. Further, we cross trained the employees to ensure they are multi-skilled and are capable of chipping in to handle all aspects of the process.


  • With well-defined workflow the time needed for submitting applications and issuing quotes got reduced by 32%
  • Proper process mapping caused accuracy of submissions to go up by a whopping 90%
  • Meticulous quality review, automated processes, and single window vies helped to reduce operations costs by 35%
  • Quick turnaround enhanced customer experience led to a leap in business growth
  • Real time visibility and better control over the processes created a culture of cost optimization
  • With streamlined back office processes, the client was able to focus more on core business aspects

We helped the client turn things around in a short time span of 5 months. Convinced with our expertise, the client outsourced other complicated tasks related to the process to us.

Why Outsource to Us

By outsourcing claims processing to us, you get the following benefits:

  • Highly experienced insurance processing staff
  • Assured turnaround for underwriting and claims processing
  • Services through 8 global delivery centers
  • Complete process transparency
  • Highly scalable service
50% reduction
in operational costs
50% reduction in operational costs
24x7 claims
reporting services
24x7 claims reporting services