Outsource Document Indexing and Filing Services

We provide top-notch document scanning and indexing service to facilitate digitization for data security and maintenance.

Insurance Back Office Pro has over 8 years of experience in insurance document indexing and document scanning services. We leverage this experience to offer best in class document indexing practices to make document management a seamless exercise for employees, customers and other stakeholders. We are a premier document indexing and filing services company that offers the seamless integration of the digitization of documents with a high-level focus on data security and maintenance.

Our document indexing and document scanning services are designed to help you reduce file storage needs, increase access to records, improve workflow process, and provide additional protection for disaster recovery. We have an established quality control standard to equip your process with the accuracy and consistency it needs to be viewed as a highly efficient insurance service provider. Outsource document scanning services to us you can rest assured of a comprehensive document management solution.

Simplifying Document Indexing and Filing with Our Automated Solution Msuite

Msuite is a powerful document management software package that is perfect for handling the demanding document management needs of the insurance industry. It is built using contemporary technologies such as OCR and RPA and so can manage documents with advanced capabilities. The winning features of this solution include seamless integration into existing applications, automatic sync of data from legacy document management systems and support for multi core processing and multi-server environments.

From document creation, document indexing, document scanning, document filing, document retrieval and document maintenance, Msuite can automate the entire gamut of document process management seamlessly. It does all of this ensuring information accuracy, and prevention of data redundancy. The solution comes equipped with salient network security attributes such as HTTPS/SSL encryption for all network access and IPS/IDS technologies for real-time intrusion detection.

By leveraging this advanced solution Msuite, we streamline your insurance document scanning services and give it the efficiency it needs. So savings on costs and times stands guaranteed.

We Provide End to End Document Scanning, Indexing and Filing Services

Category Based Document SegregationThe systematic organization of insurance documents can be quite a time intensive task. We strengthen the usability of these insurance documents by organizing and classifying them based on their type and user preference. We follow a systematic approach to this process by creating custom folders that allows for easy document maintenance. Our services help you make document indexing and filing consistent and easy to access.
Document Indexing and Labelling Labelling and indexing insurance documents using naming conventions like customer name, address, policy history and details of the claims filed, help improve document access. We create an exhaustive guide for your documents by employing the use of these naming conventions. Our experience, along with our team of dedicated professionals will ensure that there are no missing links in your need to access insurance policy information on demand.
Make Documents Editable and SearchableWe integrate search and custom edit features into the document management system, to help you manage documents better. This helps insurance agencies cycle through sizable data repositories with faster turnaround times. You get an assured, error-free and secure access to all your customer insurance data. When you outsource document indexing and filing services to us, you get the perfect blend of functionality and support
Document Summary GenerationOur document summary generation service provides you a precise summary of the insurance history of a policyholder. Our team of insurance experts prepare meticulous document summaries that comprise a thorough overview of details like claim history, premiums, coverage limitations, policy limitations and more. This provides insurance agencies with a bird's eye view of a policy holder’s profile at a glance. We prepare summaries with the objective to help carriers/agencies reduce the time and effort needed in reviewing and compiling insurance documents.

Our Document Indexing and Filling Process

  • Definition of Scope: - We begin the process by understanding your indexing, filing and categorization needs. The operational procedures for the project are subsequently designed and fine-tuned.
  • Project Execution: - We gather and analyze the inputs of our clients and map it with our own process to determine a tailored-approach with the help of our automated solution.
  • Team Set Up and Project Assignment: - Based on the above developments, we set up an exclusive team and brief them on the desired procedure.
  • Process Enrichment: - Any scope for further streamlining the process is identified and implemented by the team. Stringent quality assessment parameters are instituted into the entire process.
  • Quality Analysis:- On completion of the indexing and filing, the service is audited for consistency in quality.

How Our Document Indexing and Filling Service Gives Your Business an Edge

We help you develop a complete and hierarchical taxonomy that indexes the in-depth information to help you pull out reports lightning fast. Our exhaustive indexing process primarily involves:

  • Placing index commands throughout the length and breadth of the insurance document source, a process that incorporates searchable features into your documents making it easy for information recall.
  • Building a raw index file that links to all the pages of the document
  • Processing the raw index file to sort the indexed file alphabetically and merge page numbers under the same key
  • Lastly, we format the processed index to create the actual index.

Yet another advantage you get with our services is that it takes into account broader enterprise needs thus giving you an option to choose a customized solution. We follow every rule pertaining to privacy. We let you take a call on who can view which information and provide a detailed record of file access and transactional activity. All our insurance experts sign a non-disclosure agreement before working on a project.

Our systems are fortified with anti-virus protection. Usage of USB port access are barred, and all systems are monitored 24x7 to stop malware invasion. Transfer of data between us and the client's office is encrypted to prevent breach of data.

Why Outsource Document Indexing and Filing Services to Insurance Back Office Pro?

  • Indexing carried out by back office experts with exposure to insurance indexing
  • 100% compliance with insurance norms and standards
  • Robust document maintenance and retrieval processes leading to reduced processing times
  • Stringent privacy and confidentiality agreements to ensure total data security
  • Tried and tested disaster recovery measures to safeguard data integrity
  • Cost effective and transparent pricing

FAQs on Insurance Document Indexing and Filling

Document indexing and filing for insurance is the process of capturing important information from paper documents, change it into readable digital formats, and classify each document as per the naming conventions. This process is extremely critical for an appropriate storage and retrieval of data, using unique search criteria. We place index commands throughout the insurance documents that allows easy search of a particular document with a search command. This eases and accelerates access to specific sets of information.

Typically, our team initiates services within 2 weeks of signing the contract. However, within those two weeks we work closely with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their requirements, the size and complexity of the project, and accordingly arrive at a deadline for the project completion.

We are an ISO 27001:2013 ISMS and SSAE 16 (SOC 2) certified organization and we assume full responsibility in maintaining the confidentiality of your data. We conduct 128-bit encrypted data transaction using AES key encryption to ensure data security. The resources that we assign to any project sign a non-disclosure agreement and abide by its terms. Access to our facility is strictly controlled and monitored. We emphasize on archiving of all project related insurance documents off-site as well as on secure back-up servers to prevent any unprecedented loss of critical data. All our systems are protected with anti-virus tools and a back-up drive manager. We strictly prohibit the usage of external drives at workstations.

In case of any sales-related query, pricing or quotes, our sales team can be reached via email at info@insurancebackofficepro.com. Alternatively, you can fill the form on our website and our sales team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Its a common occurrence across enterprises that results in occasional increase or decrease in requirements. Keeping this phenomenon in mind, we offer to scale our services to suit your seasonal requirements. We’re nimble. We design service packages that are customized to our client’s occasional needs so that they have the liberty to pay for what they avail.

Outsourcing document indexing to us will open your access to a pool of low-cost domain experts which will facilitate cost-savings for your business. We ensure complete compliance with industry-standard insurance norms which insulates your business from any instances of compliance failure. We execute our entire document indexing and retrieval process within a shorter turnaround time.