Insurance Billing and Accounts Receivable Services

Transforming Billing into a Customer Experience Tool

Insurance Back Office Pro offers customized billing solutions to help carriers cut through the complexities associated with billing processes. We specialize in tailoring solutions that help them increase speed-to-cash, reduce errors and lower bad debt

We have 8+ years of experience in invoicing, sending insurance payments reminders, receiving and recording payments, maintaining and cataloguing accounts receivable invoices, and reporting on account activity. These processes are driven by some best market practices to help billing as a tool to meet customer expectations.

Insurance Billing and Accounts Receivable Services

Our billing and accounts receivable services covers the following:

  • Calculate TRIA premiums and other government and internal charges against insurance premiums.
  • Generate insurance premium invoices in required format through carrier’s internal accounting system.
  • Generate categorized invoices, and provide billing reports with breakup of tax details and commission to insurers/agencies/brokers.
  • Prepare account receivable report and track accounts receivable on behalf of carriers
  • Enter AR transactions into the system, and issue periodic statements to policyholders
  • Maintain subsidiary receivables ledgers, disburse to individual customer accounts and resolve issues regarding short pays

How We Give Your Business an Edge

We leverage technology and expertise to create a comprehensive billing service for carriers. The hall mark of our billing service includes precise timings, transparency, traceability, follow-ups and multiple payment options. In other words, our billing services is inclusive enough to serve as a marketing tool to meet higher service expectations.

In order to support efficient billing, we ensure all our employees are trained in the correct procedures and have complete access to a carrier’s policy guidelines. Additionally, we train our staff to be customer-centric, so that they can provide the right level of customer experience and satisfaction.

The other big advantage we provide is quick turnaround time. With delivery centers at 8 global locations, our solutions are tailored to deliver services from the geographic location that maximizes your business goals – or even use a combination of offshore and onshore services to deliver your business the strategic advantage of time.

Why Outsource to Us

Our billing and accounts receivable service provides you the following benefits:

  • Expertise in handling various billing services (account bill, direct bill, list bill.)
  • Access to experienced insurance billing experts
  • Best billing practices for process accuracy
  • Bespoke solutions for individual needs
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