Outsource Insurance Data Entry Services

Our Insurance Data Entry Services will enrich your insurance business process with high quality business data

Insurance Back Office Pro has over 8 years of experience in assisting insurance carriers to manage large volumes of business data on a daily basis. As a global insurance data entry services company, we specialize in establishing procedures and workflows that accurately document insurance datasets, eliminating the scope for data loss and errors. We follow a tried and tested method of data entry that focuses on the quality of the information being recorded. With our multi-step information verification and review processes, we ensure that your insurance issue, claim and renewal process is optimized for maximum productivity.

We provide you with consistent level of quality and efficiency with our services across all your insurance portfolios. By taking charge of your data entry responsibilities we enable your in-house resources to focus more on revenue-generating tasks. Outsource insurance data entry services to us to leverage the services of a company that is partner to several US-based insurance companies and agencies.

Our All Inclusive Insurance Data Entry Services

Data Entry for New Businesses

We help new insurance companies establish their database structure in a linear and systematic manner. We provide companies assistance with data migration onto new systems from legacy ones and instate procedures that avoid data duplication and redundancy. Our data entry services for new businesses focus on getting the business operations in the shortest possible time.

Insurance Data Analytics and Market Research Data Entry

As an expert insurance data entry services company, we also use advanced data analytics techniques to perform debt analysis, financial forecast and to gauge the quality of data recording. Our market Research services enable you to make well-informed business decisions based on the strategic information. With our high-quality data analytics and data entry services, we empower your business with an efficiency ecosystem that contains verified information at all times.

Insurance Quotes and Proposal Data Entry

From the creation of fresh quotes to the creation of insurance proposals, their modifications and dispatch to the customer, we provide you with robust assistance in all aspect of data creation. We manage the data entry of coverage details, commission, premium and insurance carrier financials. We create and digitize all vital business data across all sections of your end-to-end insurance business process.

New Producer Books Data Entry

Our team of data entry specialists are well versed in providing data entry services for new producer books. We work with an eye for attention to detail to ensure that there are no unforeseen complications resulting from the lack of attention to the accuracy of customer or policy information.

Data Mining

We augment our data entry service by providing you assistance in the extraction and extrapolation of data to uncover insights. We effectively harness big data to enable you to make calculative predictions about customer needs and assess risks. We use mainstream big data analytics tools for our data mining services. Our approach to data mining will help you gain a competitive edge over your business rivals.

Claims Adjuster Data Entry

Faster turnaround times in an insurance claims process reflects positively on your customer’s overall experience with your business. We handle the bulk of the information that is generated by your business. This allows you to divert your resources to more important tasks like service development and customer service enhancement. We make the claims process seamless and easy by supplying accurate information about customer insurance policies at all times.

Our Insurance Data Entry Process

We are a premium Insurance Data Entry Services Company with a proven track record of delivering excellence in services. Our focus on the quality of the recorded data and flexible work culture has enabled our clients to make significant savings on operational costs. Our team of Insurance experts are proficient with the use of the latest industry standard software packages and data entry best practices. We combine this with multi-tier quality checking to ensure high levels of accuracy in the recorded data.

We follow a meticulous approach to the data entry process that helps transform the pace and efficiency of your business.

  • Understanding Client Data Entry Requirement:- We understand your work culture and customize our services according to your needs and requirements.
  • Implementation of Data Entry Procedure:- The data entry process is initiated and we deploy software tools and personnel to commence the procedure.
  • Data Entry Verification and Validation:- All recorded data is sent through multiple levels of quality check and accuracy validation steps.
  • Data Processing in Required Formats:- The recorded insurance data is processed systematically to categorize it and dispatch it in the required format to the designated team of professionals
  • Transfer of Result and Feedback:- The digitized data is relayed across to the CRM systems of the clients and the entire process finetuned based on client feedback.

Why Outsource Insurance Data Entry Services to Insurance Back Office Pro?

  • 8 + years of experience in the Insurance Industry
  • Access to 200+ experts with exposure to insurance data entry
  • Well established process and cutting edge data entry tools
  • Proficiency in Data Analytics and Data Mining techniques
  • 99% Accuracy in Recorded datasets
  • Robust Data Security and Data backup support
  • Highly cost efficient and scalable service