Outsource Insurance Claims Management Services

We rely on robust technology, up-to-date process components and experienced resources to improve insurance claims management

Insurance Back Office Pro’s insurance has over 8 years of experience in helping insurance carriers manage claims efficiently. Over the years, we have helped several leading insurance companies improve their claims operational efficiency and build an operating model that minimizes claim costs and expenses associated with claims handling.

Our holistic approach to claims settlement has helped our clients come out of the old-fashioned way of managing claims. Our approach entails focusing on opportunities to optimize and reuse best practice for claims processing and deliver a claim-processing methodology that aligns adjusters and resources to end-to-end claim processing.

As a premier renewal processing services company, we have a team of highly skilled claims management experts with experience in identifying general, strategic and tactical opportunities for improving claims management process. We bank on their expertise to make your claims process management more agile and flexible.

Our Comprehensive Claims Management Services

Receive and evaluate claims report

The insurance claims process begins with the receipt of a claims request from the customer. We leverage the use of our highly skilled team of insurance professionals to record the claim and the information of the customer putting the request forward. We instate a diligent call management system and back end delivery system powered, by the latest cutting-edge technologies to streamline the entire claims process. We maintain an accurate repository of all of your customer claims data to make the entire process easy for your customers and to assist them with further queries.

Verify Information on Policy

Not all insurance policies are the same. Our team of insurance experts will initiate the verification process of a claim to understand the benefits and the coverage terms of an insurance policy. We use robust document management systems and advanced modern age CRM systems to scrutinize the information included in a policy. As a global insurance claims management services company, we follow a streamlined approach to the management of a claims process to help ensure the fastest turnaround times for your customer. We safeguard the profitability of your business by following a no-compromise approach to policy verification.

Verify Coverage and Liability Amounts

Outsource insurance claims management services to us, to get access to precise due diligence on your entire insurance claims management process. We ensure that all of the information of an insurance policy is verified with a high-level focus on attention to detail. Such a work ethic ensures that there are no complications or customer escalations during a claim. We help speed up the entire insurance claims process for your customer which translates to better turnaround times.

Complete ACORD loss form

An ACORD loss form is an important document that substantiates a policy holder’s claim. Especially with auto insurance, an accurate loss form from the customer is required. It contains information outlining the value of the insured’s loss to an insurance company. We leverage the use of our content and document management systems, outfitted with advanced functionalities, to file and maintain customer loss forms. We also generate periodic reports of an insurance claim status, giving you a real time insight into the claims status of all your customers.

Investigate Frauds

Insurance frauds can be detrimental to the profitability of any insurance carrier. Every fraudulent claim that was successful is a significant amount of money lost for your company. We specialize in the analysis of insurance claims which enables us to instate detailed tried and tested fraud verification protocols. Our insurance claims processing methodology entails the use of fraud verification procedures that have successfully helped our clients identify fraudulent claims in the past. We safeguard the best interest of your business integrity with our services as a premier insurance claims management services company.

Our Insurance Claims Process

  • Receive Claims Request:- A Customer claim request is received and processed for evaluation. The details of the claim are uploaded onto the customer profile on the CRM
  • Claim Investigation:- The claim is duly investigated to determine the damage or loss sustained by the insured object. The terms of the policy are examined to ascertain what damages are covered by it
  • Policy Review:- All underlying clauses of of the insurance policy are carefully reviewed . A report of what is covered and what is not is determined
  • Detailed Evaluation:- The course of action of the claim and the settlement amount are finalized by liaising with the underwriter and adjusters. A detailed report of the claim and the action required for its completion are recorded
  • Transfer of Approval to Adjuster:- Arrangements for claims settlement is made. The adjuster prepares to contact the customer with the details of the settlement and supporting documents

Outsource Insurance Claims Management Services to us and Give Your Business an Edge

As a global insurance claims management services company, we leverage effective supporting technology, apt process components and experienced resources to improve claims management across an organization. We help you save on time and costs by breaking down the claim process into smaller units, and using real time analytics to get an overview of the process. Such a bespoke solution has a proven track record of success. This has also helped us grow as the trusted service partner of multiple global insurance carriers in the past.

We reuse the commonalities (segmentation, assignment, adjudication, investigation etc.) in different claim process elements to create a repository of best practices and using them across the smaller units for accelerating the process. This cuts down the time needed in processing claims of similar kind.

Automating process subsets that are of little value, identifying and eliminating paper-intensive works, and using intuitive business tools to manage critical process steps.

Why Outsource Insurance Claims Management Process to Insurance Back Office Pro?

Our claims management service provides, you with the following benefits:

  • 8+ years of experience in dealing with global insurance companies
  • Access to 1000+ experienced insurance professionals
  • Over 20000+ claims processed
  • Well-established process for optimal claims processing
  • Quality control audits for ensuring endorsement accuracy
  • Expert team to monitor regulatory compliance
  • Up to 30% reduction in TAT
  • Up to 40% reduction in per employee operational cost
  • Loss reduction through fraud investigation
  • 100% data confidentiality and privacy