Outsource New Business Setup Services

Our new business setup services enable insurance carriers to issue new insurance policies to new businesses in an accurate and time efficient manner

Insurance back office pro has over 8 years of experience in providing Insurance carriers a streamlined approach to the management of new business setup. Our services improve the pace of receiving the required information from new businesses and facilitates faster turnaround times in the issue of insurance. As a premier new business setup services company, we adopt a systematic approach to the gathering of requirements, insurance policy management and underwriting support

Outsource new business setup services to us for a well-rounded solution that helps you compile vital client-related information such as employee counts, payroll information and compensation policies in a time efficient manner. We provide insurance carriers with a great mix of diligence and quality and use industry best practices and contemporary technology to reduce process redundancies and the overall time needed to setup new businesses.

Our New Business Setup Services

Receive Client Quote

We handle the crux of your document management process by initiating the process and receiving the quote from the client. Our team of insurance experts verify the details on the quote and analyze them for accuracy. We ensure that there are no missing information such as building information, total number of employees and employee compensation policies. Our diligent services enable the fast-paced movement of the client quote from one stage of insurance approval to the underwriting process.

Data Entry

We digitize all the information received in the quote with our data entry services. We adopt a flexible work culture that allows us to handle varying amounts of workloads with data entry. As an experienced New Business Setup Services company, we use a multi-tier document verification system to ensure that the client information that is being loaded onto your administration system is accurate and verified. We organize all the digitized data systematically to facilitate smooth retrieval

Quote Dispatching

Our new business setup services are optimized to mainly increase the pace of your underwriting process. Upon the completion of underwriting, we prepare the terms and conditions of the new business insurance policy. We include all the necessary details like the premium amount, timelines of the policy and claims terms and prepare a dispatch package which also contains the insurance quote. This is sent across to the client for signatures.

Customer Administration

We maintain and manage the data repository of all your clients and their employees. As an expert New Business Setup services company we take charge of the responsibility to monitor the claims and renewal status of all your clients. We send out timely reminders and take care of the documentation needs to manage the data of each of your clients.

Document Management and Indexing

All the recorded data is categorized and classified efficiently. We use robust document management systems to organize all the digitized information of the client. All the information that is on boarded onto the system is duly verified before the upload commences.

Our New Business Setup Process

  • Identification of Insurable Objects:- We identify and itemize all components of the new business that are to be insured.
  • Application of Insurance Contract:- The application for the insurance policy is duly filled and dispatched to the organization.
  • Contract Review:- Once the client agrees to the terms of the insurance, the contract is reviewed for accuracy in information.
  • Contract Creation:- An insurance contract is created binding your client with the terms and conditions of the insurance contract.

Outsource New Business Setup Services to Empower Your Business with a Competitive Edge

We have experience working with a sizable client base of insurance carriers mostly based in the US. Our dedicated services drive efficiency in the handling of a new business setup process. By employing our services you can save a significant amount of time and effort on the core business functions of the setup process, which includes insurance underwriting and the compilation of client welcome packages. Our commitment to quality will enable you to promise consistency of quality services to your clients at all times. By choosing our service you will be delegating your task to a world-class outsourcing entity with a proven track record of excellence in new business setup.

Why Outsource New Business Setup Services to Insurance Back Office Pro?

  • 8+ Years of experience in the management of a new business setup
  • Access to a team of 200+ Insurance experience with diverse industry experience
  • Use of the latest cutting edge CRM and ERP solutions to manage client data effectively
  • Multi-tier information review and verification process
  • Highly efficient operations to reduce the turnaround times of new business setup
  • Focus on quality and accuracy of information received from the client
  • Smooth, cost-efficient and scalable solution
  • Up to 30% reductions in operations costs and turnaround time