Outsource Insurance Reporting Services

Our insurance reporting services are designed to provide clarity and complete overview of your end-to-end business process

Insurance Back Office Pro has over 8 years of experience in providing quality reporting services to the insurance industry. Our insurance reporting service banks on modern day cutting edge technology and an in depth understanding of the insurance process. With the help of data science and analytics, we extract valuable insights from your business data and assist you to understand changing market conditions and all that you need to do to adapt to the changes.

As a premier insurance reporting services company, our services help you meet your regulatory requirements and prepare you to handle risks and uncertainties effectively. From data reporting to management reporting and from account reporting to commission reporting, we take care of all your back office reporting needs and ensure your business runs efficiently at all times. With our end-to-end reporting services, you can look forward to improve productivity while decreasing overall operational costs.

An Overview of our Insurance Reporting Process Services

Active Reporting

We provide a consolidated list of all active policies and establish the stages of their life cycle to give you an idea of how to segment your customer service campaign. Our service encompass data management, projection and validation of your cash flow to help you allocate your resource based on the insights derived from our reporting solution. With our active reporting services, we function as your extended team and work closely to streamline your entire process.

Accounting Report Generation

Our insurance experts are well trained on accounting functions. They can generate reports on the performance of your business by using various industry standard applications. We maintain and manage balance sheet generation and give you a verified portfolio of documents to establish profit and loss information. We leverage advanced data analytics techniques to give you insights into business accounts in order to streamline your business for maximum profitability.

Commission Reports

Besides number of policy sales, the profitability of your operations is also determined by the total commission paid to an insurance agents. Our consolidated commission reporting services help you understand the expenditure incurred on commission. We help you generate commission reports so that you can isolate high performing broker entities and understand and cater to their requirements better. Our reports can help you identify areas of improvement with your brokers and enable you to take actions accordingly.

Policy Renewal and Transaction Reporting

We provide you with detailed reports containing all your business transactions periodically. We generate a consolidated report of all your customers and classify the data according to the life cycle of their insurance policy. We give you a detailed understanding of the number of policies that need renewal and the ones that are approaching renewal. Based on those reports, we assist you in dispatching emails or making phone call to inform them about the status of their policy. Our transaction reporting service also informs you of all the activity including historical data, on customer insurance policies.

Insurance Claims Report

We help you maintain and generate detailed claims reports. We bank on analytics tools and other software to maintain categorized lists of past and present claims made by existing customers. Our reports will help you channelize your resources and clients according to the level of engagement.

Our Insurance Reporting Process

  • Design a Reporting Structure: We work closely with the client to compile a reporting structure based on the work culture of their organization.
  • Integrate Structure: The cash flow, risk, accounting and customer relationship models are integrated into the reporting structure.
  • Analysis of Structure: Post-integration the entire reporting structure is analyzed to determine the quality and effectiveness of reporting module.
  • Maintenance of Structure: All components of the reporting model such as software tools, services and level of engagement of the support staff is constantly monitored.

Outsource Insurance Reporting Services to Us and Give Your Business an Edge

We provide you with a customized solution to match your need. We also ensure our insurance reporting service is flexible enough to help you adapt to the competitive environment of the Insurance industry. Our team of experts comprises insurance professionals and data analytics experts with wide experience in report generation and maintenance and in providing regular insights on adhering to regulatory guidelines. We adopt a multi-tier method of verifying the information included with your insurance reporting to ensure high levels of quality in the process. Our services as a global Insurance reporting services company improve the pace of your insurance approval which translates to better customer engagement and customer service.

Why Outsource Insurance Reporting Services To Us

  • Access to over 200+ experienced insurance experts
  • Advanced dashboard and scorecard functionality
  • 24/7 Support system with well-established SLA
  • Exposure to diverse insurances
  • 8+ years of experience in insurance reporting services
  • Use of advanced analytics to extract business insights from reports
  • Multi-step information verification process to ensure accuracy of generated reports
  • Use of cutting edge software tools to provide accurate and actionable business insights with reports