Insurance Services for MGAs

Helping You Enhance Reliability

Insurance Back Office Pro has wide experience in helping MGAs develop and manage multi-line insurance programs. We specialize in assisting MGAs deliver underwriting profitability to their carrier partners while pursuing appropriate product-client suitability principles.

Today, insurers expect MGAs to do their job in strict compliance with insurance guidelines. While this helps in carrying out responsibilities more effectively, it also exposes MGAs to some potentially contentious issues. We leverage our experience in underwriting to help you process insurance policy documents in full compliance with insurance guidelines. Besides, we help you think out-of-the-box and find better and quick answers to problems related to policy issuance, insurance coverage and customer details.

We employ MGAs, who have spent years working closely with carriers. This ensures productive interactions with carriers and customers at all stages.

Our End to End Services

  • Issuance and servicing of policies for businesses cutting across carriers.
  • Ensure accuracy and timeliness of company issued policies
  • Renewal policies as per issuance instructions provided by field underwriting personnel
  • Keep documents updated and ensure individual/team SLAs are met
  • Follow-up on missing information
  • Review and monitor company issued policies
  • Provide clerical support to underwriting staff and management
Other Services
  • Collecting Premium
  • Underwriting
  • Handling Claims
  • Processing Endorsements
  • Data Processing / Data entry
  • Binding & Loss Control
  • Policy Issuance
  • Marketing

How we Give Your Business an Edge

We help your business in the following ways:

  • Leverage our experience to provide quality underwriting services
  • Streamline workflow to make policy issuance/renewal time-effective
  • Determine where markets opportunities lie
  • Bring products to the marketplace efficiently and quickly
  • Provide exhaustive and in-depth document indexing service
  • Write endorsements that are free from ambiguities
  • Follow optimal practices to process and manage claims
  • Ensure on-time generation of reports

Why Outsource to Us

By outsourcing insurance back office services to us, you get the following benefits:

  • Highly experienced insurance processing staff
  • Assured turnaround for underwriting and claims processing
  • Services through 8 global delivery centers
  • Complete process transparency
  • Highly scalable service
50% reduction
in operational costs
50% cost saving in insurance back office operations
24x7 claims
reporting services
24x7 claims reporting services USA