Outsource Insurance Agency Management Services

Insurance Back Office Pro has over 8 years of experience in providing robust management services to insurance agencies based in the US. Our streamlined services are designed to help agencies focus more on competition to improve profit margins leaving all back office requirements to us.

We are driven by a team of experts with wide experience in managing critical back office processes for insurance agencies. As a reputed insurance agency management company, we have over the years emerged as a trusted name in helping agencies minimize operational expenses by leveraging advanced processes and technologies. Our highly optimized services deliver best-in-class solutions, which is why most of our agency clients prefer to outsource insurance management services to us.

Our End-to-End Insurance Agency Management Services

New Business Services

We offer a range of new business services to agencies. From receiving Accord Forms to document uploading and from requirement gathering to quote creations we help them manage these critical functions seamlessly. Besides this, we assist in invoice data entry services, policy checking, register payment details etc.

Policy Management Services

Our comprehensive policy management services for agencies include policy renewals, policy issuance, insurance endorsements, and policy checking services. With our end-to-end services, we ensure every aspect of policy administration is managed seamlessly.

Commission Management

We also specialize in assisting agencies manage commissions in an efficient manner. From commission data entry to commission accounting, we take care of every aspect of commission management meticulously. Besides, we also assist agencies in keeping their system applications running smoothly.

Insurance Reporting

Our report generating service for agencies is designed to help them take control of all their reporting requirements. We have wide experience in generating agent commission reports, finance reports, accounts reports, policy listing reports etc.

Insurance Claims Data Entry

We have wide experience in handling all data entry requirements of agencies. From health, life and general insurance data entry to claims data entry and from settlement data entry to data entry for workers compensation insurance, we help agencies keep their data up to date at all times.

Claims Management

With our well established process flows, we help agencies manage claims in an highly efficient manner. We specialize in all critical aspects of claims management, which includes, claims verification and validation, claims processing, claims adjudication etc.

Insurance Accounting

We specialize in accounting services such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank account reconciliation, etc. We also have wide experience in helping agencies prepare for taxation and audits.

Our Insurance Agency Management Process

Understand Agency Requirement:- We understand your specific requirements. Based on the requirements we design a plan to meet your specific needs.

Share and Improve Plan:- We share our plan for managing your processes with your inhouse teams. Areas for improvements are identified and fixed.

Implementation of Process:- We form a team to implement the plan. The team is led by an expert and serves as a one point contact for all your needs.

Verification and Validation:- All recorded data or accounting functions undergo multiple levels of quality check to ensure accuracy.

Required Formats:- The recorded insurance data is processed systematically to be dispatched to the client in the required format.

Transfer Completed Work:- The verified and formatted work is transferred to the client.

Outsource Insurance Agency Management Services to give your Business a Competitive Edge

As a premium agency management services company, we bring a wide array of benefits to agencies. We specialize in improving the accuracy of information through well-established processes. We bank on the latest technology suites to process data and ensure it is turned around on time. It is because of this commitment, that we have become a trusted partner of insurance agencies across the globe and in the US in particular.

We make it a point to provide timely reporting services. This helps you to monitor and be up to date with all your back end processes. Besides agency specific services, we specialize in evaluating the sales channel performance and the operational costs incurred by your business. This will help you constantly monitor the efficiency of your policy, claims and commission management process. Outsource agency management services to us gain complete control over all your agencies day to day functioning.

Why Outsource Insurance Agency Management Services to Insurance Back Office Pro?

  • A team of 200+ Insurance Experts with profound experience in managing agency affairs
  • A robust workflow structure to cover every aspect of agency management
  • Use of latest tools to manage policy checking, commission calculation, reporting etc
  • Industry best practices to improve accuracy of insurance process
  • Robust data security and backup
  • Up to 30% Reduction in operating costs
  • Round the clock support from global operating centers
  • Round the clock services from 8 global delivery centers