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How Can Insurance Companies Ensure Business Continuity in The Times Of A Pandemic?

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Customers are smart and look to have a deep-dive knowledge of services they avail. They are more than keen to know about the possible benefits, challenges, and outcomes of subscribing to a service. The necessity to scale up to consumer smartness have triggered the need to frame customized policies and match it with smart service delivery. This has in turn spawned digital disruption in the insurance industry

With the advent of technology, IT spending is quickly shifting from maintaining systems to analytics, artificial intelligence, and other advanced functionalities. The insurance industry was well set to witness further growth and digitization. However, the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 changed everything for the insurance industry, much like others. 

In this article, you will understand how your insurance company can ensure business continuity despite the pandemic.

Five Challenges Affecting the Insurance Industry Due to Covid-19

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Insurance processes can be challenging, and they can get on anyone’s nerves. The number of stakeholders involved in the execution of one single policy is too many. There is a whole team of underwriters, external brokers, policy checkers, agents, etc. In times of a pandemic, the burden has only increased, and so have the complexities.

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Business continuity is one of the most glaring challenges faced by the insurance industry during the pandemic times. Here is a detailed overview of some of the problems insurance companies are facing due to the pandemic.

  • The inevitable remote working

With strictly enforced lockdowns, most companies had to order their employees for remote working. Work from home has taken most workers by surprise, especially those who have never worked online before. The rising number of insurance claims, coupled with the lack of experience working virtually, meant insurance industry workers had a tough time.

  • Customer support

With the increased number of claims and queries, insurance workers are facing the mammoth task of responding to every customer effectively. As the virus was novel, most insurance policies did not cover it. There are often queries related to travel claims by individuals who can do so post the lockdowns. 

As the insurance industry is heavily customer-focused, firms need to ensure that they offer the best experience despite the limited resources. All of this meant insurance companies had to give reliable services to their clients without annoying them.

  • Effective communication

When processes and working styles change, barriers to effective communications increase.  Communication has indeed become a problem for the smooth operations of any business. Internal staff collaboration remains critical at this stage to ensure clients get a seamless experience. Discrepancies of information in such cases lead to a bad customer experience.

  • Online threats

Chances of hacking attempts increase manifold when employees connect to their work systems from home networks. It becomes essential for insurance businesses to make sure that they monitor their networks to prevent data breach attempts. With fragile networks that do not have adequate security measures which makes it easy for hackers to steal all the information they need.  

Ways Through Which an Outsourcing Partner Can Help Insurance Companies?

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Here are some ways by which a reliable third-party outsourcing company can help you ensure business continuity in times of a pandemic.

  • Process framework

Lockdowns across the globe meant most workers had to work remotely. Stable internet connectivity is only one of the many concerns that can affect the smooth working of a business. Outsourcing companies can offer reliable solutions like digital platforms, secure IT frameworks, software support, etc. Insurance companies can opt for assistance for those processes where they experience the most troubles.

  • Workload

Layoffs became a common thing during the pandemic, which means rising workloads for existing employees. Furthermore, employees might not be in their best state due to health problems. It results in disruption of workflow and the lack of desired outcomes, all of which affect customer satisfaction. A reliable outsourcing company ensures quick deliverables without affecting the quality and the right support you need for running the business efficiently.

  • Revenue

As the revenue is getting affected, it becomes essential to cut down some operational costs that impact the bottom line. Outsourcing is a reliable option here as insurance companies can get quality services at an optimal amount without worrying about anything.

  • Tasks

Tough times call for better prioritization of existing resources. If your business is facing multiple issues, you need to ensure that you address them all. However, some problems require a faster response as compared to others. Drafting better responses, creating strategies, and new work policies need expertise available with a reliable third-party outsourcing company. When you outsource some responsibilities, you can concentrate on keeping your business on-track and ensure business continuity.

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Services Your Insurance Business Can Outsource to a Third-Party Company

Your insurance business will have multiple processes that require reliable support. Here are some services you can outsource.

  • Claims management

A third-party outsourcing company can help you with verification and validation, claims set up, claims processing services, maturities processing, subrogation, portfolio management, and much more.

You can get services related to policy renewal, loss runs reports, endorsements, reinstatement, cancellation, and much more. 

  • Underwriting

Analyzing loss runs, addressing customer queries, and giving quotes can often be challenging. An outsourcing specialist can meet your requirements well for complete client satisfaction.

  • Commission

You can get all the commission-related support to ensure commissions are managed well. It will also help ensure that there are no errors, which can prove costly for your insurance business.

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